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An inspiring love story about a man from Canada and a woman from Cambodia, their love ascends words as they can hardly speak each other’s language.

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Winter wedding held in the head office of a bank, with a Disney theme, on Thanksgiving Day! Paige and Aaron met at work at the bank, they are a wonderful team. It is easy to see the love and support they have for each other!

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You don’t need to have a destination wedding to get beautiful beach photos. Williston Lake features a beautiful mountain lake, complete with unique drift wood.

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Stunning two day wedding in Kelowna, BC. Traditions from both families come together to create a unique and intimate wedding, filled with laughter and tears from heartfelt speeches.

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A couples photoshoot at a stunning waterfall located in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Waterfalls are my new obsession!

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Thankfully there was a rainbow to make up for the crazy storm that blew in while on Knox Mountain!

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Dancing in pointe shoes is challenging enough, but the floors of the photography studio are much more slippery than the floors of a dance studio! Grace flawlessly moved through an elegant routine to create these images.

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