Winter Engagement Session in Fish Creek Park Calgary

Is winter your favourite season? Is your fondest memory together playing in the snow? For a truly magical feel, plan a winter engagement session!

Why Winter?

This couple loves the look of fresh snow dusting the tops of the trees and the bright crisp feel. It was chilly, but running and dancing around kept them warm! If you’re like me, you like to be outside in the winter until the air is so cold it hurts your face. So why not plan an adventure in the snow to celebrate this exciting time in your life?

We stayed warm by choosing locations that were close to the parking lot so we could run back to the car to warm up. You can read another photographers tips for staying warm here. Some couples think they need to wear their nicest outfit, but dressing for the location and weather is always a good idea. Imagine these images with t-shirts. Their sweaters and her thick cozy scarf fit these images perfectly, and had the bonus of keeping them warm. If you want help figuring out what to wear for your photoshoot, I’ve created Your Guide to Outfits for your Session to help you prepare for your winter engagement session!

How to stay warm!

My advice for your winter engagement session is to layer up such as leggings under your jeans or a thermal layer under your sweater. Bring your favourite hot drink, and make sure your photographer has planned locations close enough to the car to warm up. Have a big coat to throw on for walking between locations too! Sweaters and scarfs always look fantastic for winter photos! Locations that will be much colder will be open valleys if there is wind, bodies of water that aren’t frozen over, or early in the morning. Waiting for the sun to warm things up, or choosing sunset instead of sunrise will help you feel as toasty warm as you can.


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