How to do an outfit change during an engagement session?

Picking one coordiated outfit for both of you can be hard enough.If you manage to pick out two outfits, here are my tips for how to do an outfit change during an engagement session!

Why would I want two outfits?

Doing an outfit change gives you an opportunity to dress fancier than your normal and still get photos in your casual clothes that represent you better. You can create some elegant photos for stunning wedding invitations, or to reminisce when there’s a global pandemic and you haven’t had a reason to dress up in months. You don’t have to hold back on going fancy, because you will also be getting your casual photos. Instead of trying to dress up your normal casual clothes, you can do some portraits in your favourite casual clothes and have no regrets or guilt! Choose outfits that really reflect who you are for these!

An outfit change means you can do one outfit with neutral colours, and can bring your bold wild colours for your second outfit! If you’re stressed trying to pick out your outfits, having two will also reduce your stress because you won’t have to decide between your two favourites! You can grab my outfit guide here!

couple wander through a forrest of pine trees for their engagement photos. Her outfit is a cute black dress with a tan hat, while he is wearing a black t-shirt and tan pants that match her trendy hat

How do you change?

You can check out this thread where many people shared how they changed during their session. In the mountains, you may not always have a bathroom easily accessible to change in.

How to do an outfit change during an engagement session

  • Change in your car if it is close by
  • Slip jeans on under your dress or wear the same pants for both outfits
  • Have something underneath your top so you can change without a bathroom
  • Or simply find a spot in the trees for your wardrobe change! If you’re comfortable

I have had couples that changed right on the tops of mountains! When hiking for your session, you don’t want to wear your nice outfit to get sweaty in. The tops of mountains often don’t provide any coverage, as the peaks are usually rocky without any trees to hide behind. Thankfully I usually recommend sunrise or sunset, so often the day hikers are all at the bottom.

If you changed during your engagement session, please feel free to share your experience in the comments!

Newly engaged couple running in the mountains of Banff
Couple holding hands, guy has floral button up shirt and black jeans, girl has black shirt and mom blue jeans. Holding hands as they walk through a meadow in the mountains

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