Your wedding album may be all about you, but it isn't only for you.

I remember my Grandma telling me about her wedding, and as much as my imagination went wild, I always wished there were more pictures to bring those memories alive. My Grandma made a photo album every year from when I was born till around 16 years old. I've created new memories reliving those moments! 

It's about being able to relive your incredible day with your family and friends. Not only to see how it looked, but to remember how it felt!

Why I Believe in Albums

My Grandma has one photo from her wedding

Tell me MORE!

Don't hide your fond memories on a USB in a junk drawer

I take stress out of the equation! 

Let me ask you this... have you gone through the photos on your phone and deleted the bad ones? Have your organized your photos from the last vacation you took? It's hard! It can feel overwhelming to get your full wedding gallery of 500-1000 images, and try to narrow it down to your favourite 80-150. 

You Deserve It

You can expect your album approximately six weeks after you approve the design.

Approximately eight weeks after your wedding day we will get together either in person or over zoom for your album reveal! During our design consultation you will have a chance to customize your album exactly the way you want. You can add or remove images, or swap photos in. Then you'll select your cover material, colour, and engraving. After approving the design and paying for any additional pages added, your album will be sent to my incredible lab in Italy!

The steps involved to create your timeless album

The Process

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