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I’m an animal loving, travel addicted, adrenaline junkie who’s crazy  
about photography!


You can often find me hiking, cycling, or dirt biking. At home I turn into another creature, you’ll find me with many blankets and pots (not just cups) of tea! I also love sports. If you’re having a destination wedding, you can bet I will find the nearest beach volleyball game to join! 

Photography is such a broad term though, and everyone does it for a different reason. Why do I love it? I’m cheesy and mushy, it may have to do with not watching romantic movies so there’s a void to fill.


Ryan and I met at college (SAIT, Calgary), in the gym. We bonded over our love of travel and adventure! 

Our hobbies together include motorcycling, traveling, hiking, and food! As much as we are alike, we do not have the same passion for spicy food. Ryan likes it when his food punishes him for the third layer of hot sauce he regrettably added. 

After being long distance for two years I had nearly worn out my vehicle, and decided to move to Calgary!

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Fun Facts

My all time FAVOURITE food is pumpkin pie!

The only spider I am afraid of, is a daddy long legs, AND I just found out they aren't even spiders!

I grew up on a grain farm, my first love was my horse Clancy!

I'm scuba certified, and dream of capturing wedding portraits underwater!

My favourite season used to be winter, until I became an adult and realized playing in the snow is way more fun than working in it!


Meet Our



Cuddly and affectionate, he loves showing off his gliding skills.

With satellite dishes for ears, and a bark you can hear from across the house

Did I mention
I        dirt biking?

Dirt biking was where I first found my passion for photography. My Mom took photos of me that made me look slow and lame! So I learnt about camera angles and settings to give my friends badass photos of themselves!


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