Bride and Groom snuggle for romantic mountain photos during elopement.

How to Elope in Banff National Park Canada!

It is so exciting you have decided to Elope In Banff!

What a wonderful choice but with any plans to tie the knot there is a LOT to plan. Your elopement photographer will be able to offer help advice from their experience.

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself “Eloping should be simple!” “We didn’t want to go through all the trouble of having to plan the tradition big wedding.” But it’s all those little things that need to come together still to make a successful Elopement, so here are 5 things that important to an incredible, and stress free, elopement in the mountains!

5 Tips to Elope in Banff

– Spectacular Location for your Ceremony and Photos
-Where to Get Ready
-The Best Time of Day for your Location
-Where to Stay
-What to do After your Big Day!

A beautiful location in Banff, Alberta, Canada, for an intimate wedding or elopement. Fall colours and calm water create a perfect reflection of the mountains.

How to Pick a Dreamy Location for your Elopement!

Do you two have a special place that you visit every anniversary together, or is this your first time to the mountains?

Depending on where you have chosen to say “I do”, you will have to ask yourself a few questions. Is the spot you want to get married at a difficult area to get into, such as wanting to hike together before you say I do? How will you get your wedding clothes to the top of a hike? Do you want anyone else to be there? Having a knowledgeable photographer to help you through these decisions is key! I have spent hours, years actually, scoping out all the best locations. The perfect spot for one couple isn’t right for the next couple, so it has meant A LOT of location scouting!

Lake Minnewanka mountains surrounded by yellow and orange leaves for couples non-traditional elopement

Where and How to Get Ready!

An experienced elopement photographer will help you with all the little things. Hairspray, brush, bobby pins, and makeup for last minute touch ups if you choose a hiking location. I will help tie your tie, or bowtie, and help fold your pocket square, most of my couples choose to get ready in their hotel room before heading out to begin the hike. I have tips to ensure your hair and makeup look bomb after hours of hiking to the perfect view! To ensure your wedding clothes look their best when you pull them out of your backpack, roll them!

You won’t have to worry about this if you’ve chosen an easy to access location with no hiking. Compared to a hotel room, an airbnb is beautiful for getting ready photos! Check out this link for beautiful airbnb stays and to check availability: Click Here!

Couple jumps for joy during trash the dress session in Banff mountains. Mountain fed lake is extremely cold, but bride and groom run into the lake anyways

Choosing the perfect time of day to Elope in Banff!

So you have picked that perfect wedding spot to say “I do!”. Depending on the time of year and the location you’ve chosen, the time of day will be very important. Talk with your elopement photographer for amazing and personalized advice. This will ensure your photos turn out as stunning as you always imagined, but I always recommend around sunrise/sunset for the best lighting.

Couple elopes at tunnel mountain in Banff, Alberta. Their beautiful summer wedding was softly lit with the clouds, it made the mountain Rundle look absolutely stunning. Bride and Groom share vows with their officiant, at a gorgeous Banff location.

Best places to stay in Banff!

Make your wedding day even more special by enjoying the mountains for a couple days! Not sure where the best place to stay the night is? Check out the link below for options and availability, and I hope you enjoy your romantic first few nights together as a married couple in the mountains!

Groom snuggles up to Bride in a big bear hug! Romantic photos in front of beautiful Banff mountains, for their summer covid elopement.

Things to do… after you Elope in Banff!

Not sure what to do after your big day? If you’re exhausted after, try a scenic drive, golfing, or some shopping! Ready to adventure? Then try hiking, rock climbing, cycling, or canoeing! For something more unique to the area, try dog sledding, tubing, tobogganing, or a sleigh ride! No matter what you’re looking to see, do, or try, this link below will help you plan your time in the mountains!

Intimate elopement with parents and siblings beside mountain fed lake. Fall colours wrap around the lake and pine trees.

Things to keep in mind so everything stays above board!

  • Always leave the park the same or better than how you found it! It is so important that we take of our parks so we can enjoy them for years to come.

I pride myself on protecting and respecting our environment, so if you want an amazing experience in the mountains, and care about leaving no trace, you can see more about me here:

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