Sunset on wedding day, bride is wearing lace dress and laughs as she gazes at her husband lovingly.

Rustic Fall Wedding – Alysia & Garett

I am absolutely honoured I got to capture Alysia’s wedding, as I have known her since I was 14. We spent many days together at the motocross track and out hiking! I knew her wedding would be huge as both her and her fiancé have huge hearts and large family/friend circles. Many guests showed up, yet it still felt intimate and connected, which is truly unique for that amount of guests at a wedding. Garett’s family was kind enough to offer their property for the wedding, utilizing an open hay shed and their large industrial sized shop . Many people chose to camp on their property, and groups of people visiting formed around camp fires.

Using a beautiful open hay barn for their ceremony, complete with Garett’s grandfathers antique tractor. Many happy tears were shed by the closest friends and family, who were all very excited to be a part of their special day. Garett was good friends with Alysia’s brother since they were little, so the families had been close for many years. This made the speeches hilarious and touching at the same time, with their many years of history.

If you noticed the stunning classic trucks, we had to do photos with each one because the orange truck is Garett’s favourite, and Alysia loves the grey one. Classic vehicles are such a beautiful addition to any wedding day!

I wish I could share every speech from the wedding, but I will just share part of my favourite speech as it had everyone keeled over laughing! The groom’s brother got up for his speech and started by saying Garett had been talking about someone who makes his life better, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with them. After going on about how wonderful they are and how infatuated Garett was, his brother says “well Garett I don’t think you can marry Charles (Alysia’s brother) but he has a little sister!!” and that is the story of how Garett married his best friend since childhood’s sister.


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