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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

If you’re reading this, you probably recently got engaged! So congratulations!!
Don’t know where to begin with choosing your photographer? This will give you a good idea of the many options out there, and questions to ask your photographer! You can also find fantastic info on Wedding Wire!

First thing you will need to figure out is what style of photography do you like? No style is wrong; there are numerous different styles, and all that matters is you pick a photographer with a style you like! I will begin by explaining “editing style”. Some photographers will perfectly fit a single category, some photographers will be a mix of a couple styles, and no two photographers are alike!

Editing Style

Bright and Airy – This style will keep the entire day looking bright, even in the darkest of receptions a photographer with this style will still create airy images. Click here to view an amazing local photographer with this style!

Dark and Moody – Rich in colour, a photographer with this style can make even the brightest white venue appear dark, with the use of lighting and knowing how to create their style in any situation! This is for you if you want a unique and interesting view of your wedding. To view an incredible photographer with this style click here!

True to Life – These photographers will do minimal editing, and capture your day in such a way that it perfectly resembles how your day looked! If you remember the grass being green on your wedding day, these photographers will make sure it looks green! You will have a mix of brighter images and dark images as they will shoot for the scenario at hand. Click here to view an awesome NY photographer with this style!

Vintage – There is currently a popular style where the entire day is edited to look orange, even noon on a bright sunny day will nearly look like sunset. This normally will be similar to a film look, and may have less details in the dark portions of the photos.

What category does my style fall under?

My style falls somewhere around True to Life, with a hint of Dark and Moody. I like to keep your images looking exactly as you remembered your day, with warmth and vibrance. I like to keep the lace detailing on your wedding dress, and the guests still lit in the shadows.


Shooting Style

Are they all about those candid moments? Do they like to pose like you deserve to be on the cover of Vogue? If you look at a photographers website and think “this is exactly how I want to remember my wedding day” then you know you like their style!

Photojournalistic – Captures your day without as unobtrusively as possible. They will capture everything as-is, they won’t pose your detail shots, and the pictures of you and your partner will not be traditionally posed. If you don’t like to be posed and love candid images this is the perfect option for you!

Traditional – They will focus on the staples of a wedding day, a mix of those candid moments and posed images like the pictures you’ve seen in your grandparent’s album. They will likely have a balance between modern twists on the traditional poses and capture the key details such as family photos, decor, and any other images you may have requested.

Editorial – Do you love magazines such as Vogue or GQ? Editorial photographers will be creative and over the top! Although, this style isn’t for you if you’re wanting those candid images, the editorial style will look dramatic and edgy!

Adventurous – This is less of a photography style and more of a lifestyle. Do you and your partner love to explore and want someone who will follow you wherever you decide to take photos? This style is for you if you plan on doing an adventurous shoot, whether that means hiking, camping, beach photos, or whatever this looks like to you!

What can you expect from me?

My shooting style is a bit photojournalistic, definitely adventurous, with a hint of editorial. Why is it all over the place? I like to be a wallflower as much as possible, catching the moments as they happen and not staging fake moments. When it comes to the pictures of you and your partner, I give lots of guidance! You’ll never wonder what you’re supposed to be doing, and there will be no room for awkward moments! I love incorporating nature into my images, so adventurous shoots are my jam!


What questions should you ask?

Is your photographer properly insured and licensed? Depending on the location of your wedding, certain locations have additional license fees and can take weeks to get approved for.

What happens if your photographer can’t make it? Will they hire someone for you? Will they still edit your images? Will they refund you and leave you to search for someone last minute?

Are your photos protected? What happens if their SD card fails? Are they recording two copies? If their camera breaks do they have backup equipment to continue capturing your day as if nothing happened? Do they have your images backed up while they are editing them until they have delivered your full gallery in case their computer or hard drive crash?

The best piece of advice I could give you, is to think of your social media profile pictures. It may not be the worlds best photo (grainy cell phone picture maybe) but it is special to you, and that is why you chose it. Perhaps it was with a close friend or family member, maybe it was at a new place you visited, or just a really good hair day, but almost always it has a good memory associated with it! My advice is to pick a photographer who will help create an amazing experience so your images are just as much fun as they are professional quality!

What do I think you should do next?

Go look at tons of wedding pictures!!! Absorb all the different styles, talk to your married friends about what they liked/disliked about their photography, and think about how you envision your day being captured. When you look back on these images in 5, 15, or 30 years, what will be most important to you? How do you want to remember your wedding? Happy wedding planning!!

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