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What happens if my wedding photographer is sick?

You should ask any photographer you’re thinking of hiring this question!!

What DOES happen when your wedding photographer is sick? I am going to fully explain this to put your mind at ease! The exact clause in my contract, exactly what to expect from me, and what your options are will be fully explained! You can read a thread of photographers talking about their back up plan here. As you’ll see, some photographers have no plan, so it is an important question to ask.

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So, what happens if my wedding photographer is sick?

As I’m sure you’re aware, full time wedding photographers book up 14-20 months in advance. It would be difficult for you to find someone amazing on short notice. Thankfully, I am part of an INCREDIBLE community! When the craziness of Covid happened, many of my couples had to reschedule their dates. Some were unable to change to dates that I had available, due to their venue having limited dates remaining. It was hard to coordinate everyone to new dates that worked for everyone involved. The amazing photographers whose work I admire didn’t hesitate to help me out! We were all going through the same struggle with rescheduling our weddings to new dates. We all put client experience first. With our values and styles in common, it made taking care of all of our clients to the very best of our abilities easy!

The exact clause in my contract

4. In the unlikely event I’m unable to attend your Venue on, I’ll attempt to retain a replacement photographer of similar skill. In the event I’m unable to attend, or retain a replacement photographer whose skill I consider to be comparable, I agree to refund all monies paid.

What does this mean? Well the first, and most important thing, is that it is very unlikely that this will happen. Every couple who puts their trust in me, is incredibly important to me. I seriously can not wait to document your day!! Not only do I actively make choices to keep myself healthy, but I’m also gifted with rarely getting sick. I avoid friends and family who are feeling unwell, yes pre-covid I did this!

If I am unable to photograph your wedding, my first priority will be to find you a photographer who I would deem worthy. This means not only a photographer with amazing photography skills, but a photographer who also values candid emotion filled moments as much as I do. Your experience on the day is my top priority, so I will do everything in my power to ensure me being sick doesn’t affect your day! I know I would be able to find the perfect photographer to photograph your day. I have also trained a couple photographers to be my second, who do not do weddings full time, so I know someone will be available!

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Why am I sharing this?

Weddings are stressful, but I don’t want to your photographer to be a reason for your stress! That is why I have photographers on hand I can call, and photographers who I have trained personally. Your experience is my number one priority. If you want to read more about what to expect from me, you can read this blog post!

  1. Susan says:

    Great article on something most couples never think about when hiring their wedding photographer! Having a contingency plan in place is so important for peace of mind.

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