Grace Dance Photoshoot

Grace is a beautiful young lady who is into a couple difference styles of dance, and for only starting pointe a few months prior she was doing incredible! Her first pair of pointe shoes were in such horrible shape I thought they were years old, not a meer three months old.  



I was even given my own little dance show during the photoshoot, the entire photoshoot was filled with music, dancing, and plenty of laughs! We were lucky and had the beautiful tutu lent to us.


Grace got to practice during our photoshoot, not her dancing or moves, but to keep her chin high and smile on, as well as holding her hands and arms in an elegant fashion! 




I have always wanted to photograph a pointe dancer, and was so thrilled when I was asked to photograph Grace! I’m sure she was tired of me making her redo the same jump over and over until we capturing her arms, legs, and face all in the perfect place haha! 







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