Susana & Christine

couple-poses-for-photo shoots.jpg

These two beautiful ladies endured a lightening storm for these photos!! It started out such a warm evening we were all boiling, but the weather quickly changed, we even got a tiny lightening strike in one of the photos!



These two were full of smiles the entire time! Every silly thing I made them do they happily did, and their photos turned out amazing because of it!




Susana and Christine were also troopers! When the stormed rolled in on us we ended up having to walk around the bottom of the mountain and hike back up, making our photoshoot go for over 3 hours!





As you can tell from this image the rain moved in rather quickly!! Before we knew it we were soaked, but it also made for the most incredible rainbow for the next few images!!




Although we had to brave a little storm, and it may have caused all the forest fires that raged through the Okanagan the following week.. we were also gifted with beautiful weather for our photoshoot! Gorgeous sun at the start, a little rain, a stunning rainbow, and to top it off a pretty amazing sunset!

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