Couple take midnight dip in hotel pool with string lights

Romantic Pool Photoshoot – Lauren & York

I aspire to live my life like Lauren and York do. Never before have I met a more free willed people, they are the definition of living in the moment and living it to the fullest!


If you’re wondering where this fabulous pool is located, click here! What this photo fails to capture, is the three dozen people watching this photoshoot happen. There are many couples I photograph that need a few minutes and funny poses to loosen up in order to be themselves in front of my camera, even when it is just the three of us. This couple was eager to jump into the pool and horse around for me, I hardly had to give to give them cues, but when I did they would run with it and create magic! You can not even tell they are in pain from the worst sunburn I have ever seen!

This is what I am passionate about photographing, love. Love can appear in different ways, I love the challenge of capturing what that means for every couple. In Lauren and York’s case it is play fighting, teasing, and overflowing amounts of happiness pouring out of their smiles and laughter. I hope you find their smiles as contagious as I do!


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