Rainy wedding day, outdoor wedding in Calgary Confederation Park

Confederation Park Wedding – Katianne & Adam

If it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day, it must be really good luck when it hails!! The origin of that saying comes from the hand knot tying tradition, since a wet knot is harder to untie. I know if I was getting pelted by hail I sure wouldn’t be trying to untie the knot either!!

In the week leading up to their wedding, a backup location had been decided on in the event of rain, but the weather looked promising the closer the date got. That morning the clouds were fluffy, and the sun was warm! Everyone took their seats at the beautiful ceremony they had in Confederation Park in Calgary, and the ceremony began. Only minutes after Katianne made it to the front of the isle, the hail began!

We were fortunate enough though that the hail left as fast as it came, and we were able to do all of their formal pictures without umbrellas! They planned their wedding in a very unique way. Since their family was already getting together for two other weddings this summer, they decided to have a one year anniversary reception next year to get the family together again! This meant their family members who live overseas weren’t asked to make a third trip to Calgary, some coming as far as from England!

I often hear brides wish for sunny weather, but just look at the faces of astonishment, excitement, and laughter as the hail pours down! It made for great memories, and no one was squinting or sweating from the heat. Before living in Calgary I had no idea the weather could change quite that fast, and the timing of it was unbelievable.

Katianne and Adam rolled with it perfectly, and were still overflowing with love and smiles despite the weather. After their pictures they enjoyed a lovely dinner with all their close family and friends, and of course ate lots of cake!






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