Kayla & Yinka

Kayla and Yinka’s wedding was loads of fun for two days straight! It was a beautiful way to bring the two families together, from the quiet family dinner the first night, to the packed dance floor the second night.


Have you ever wondered about two day weddings? For Yinka and Kayla, they had family traditions they wanted to incorporate, as well as not feel any stress to rush pictures to get back to their reception. The first day consisted only of their ceremony which was held in a church, all the formal photos, and then a quiet family dinner at their house. Since the family dinner was such an intimate event the two families got to know each other quite well!

The second day included traditions from Nigeria, where Yinka’s family is from. The outfits were stunning, Kayla even had two dresses for the night!! Speeches brought many tears and laughter, there was plenty of time for everyone to visit the bride and groom, and the party was so lively everyone made it to the dance floor!

Why is there a picture of Kayla eating pizza you may ask? Have you ever seen anyone look so flawless while eating pizza? Keep scrolling to see how amazing this lady looks even while eating a chicken leg!


Having the honour of photographing Kayla and Yinka for two days gave me such an amazing chance to get to know them. They have a true connection, and it is easy to see why after meeting their families. Their entire families were both so welcoming, warm, and inviting. I didn’t feel like a stranger at their wedding, I felt like a friend, they embrace everyone in their lives wholeheartedly, and I know this is why their relationship is so strong. They are the kind of people who will each give 100%, not view marriage as 50-50.


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