Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes you different than other photographers? There are so many to choose from!

A: I am people oriented, that means my first priority is capturing your memories, real emotions and laughter, making you comfortable, and creating the best experience possible for you!

Q: We are terrible at photos, do you have any advice?

A: Possibly the most common question, don’t worry if you hate pictures!! I have plenty of fun cues to loosen you guys up, and keep your mind occupied so you’re not even thinking about the photographs! You’ll have so much fun the time will fly by, and you’ll cherish the smiles and laughter in your pictures.

Q: We don’t know much about photography, will you help us with our timeline?

A: Absolutely! I love being involved in the planning, everything from looking at locations, planning a first look before the ceremony, or how to maximize efficiency so guests aren’t waiting for you long.

Q: Can you explain second shooters and assistants to me?

A: An assistant will help with lighting, organizing family photos, and watch for things out of place such as phones in pockets. They are vital in making the most out of the limited time on a wedding day! A second shooter provides additional coverage, which means more points of view from important moments such as the ceremony and speeches. If the getting ready locations are too far apart for me to cover both a second is needed to cover one of the getting ready locations.

Q: Do I need to have a second shooter?

A: You do not, I am confident in my ability to capture your special day! Unless both bride and groom getting ready photos are essential and they are too far apart to cover myself, I have the experience and education to catch fleeting moments beautifully. This is something to discuss with the photographer you choose, whether they think it is necessary or not.

Q: When will we receive our gallery and how many images will we get?

A: Wedding galleries will be ready within 8 weeks, a sneak peak of 3 images is ready the day after! The number of images changes depending on hours of coverage, but expect to receive between 50-70 per hour of coverage.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: If I had to choose just three words to describe my style I would say; Emotion, Natural, Happy. My first priority is to capture love between not only the bride and groom, but also with the family and friends you’re sharing your special day with!

Q: What do you mean when you say you are/aren’t “the right fit”?

A: I am not the right choice for everybody, and that is okay! My goal is to capture love in my photographs, so if you’re hoping for that straight model face or elegant images that lack emotion I may disappoint you. Style is also very important, if you want dark and moody or very bright and white images you’ll be unhappy with my true images. I aim to create images that reflect the memories you made that day, if the grass was green in your memory it will also be green in your picture!

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