Paige & Aaron

I’ve heard this story so many times; “my photographer cancelled and now I’m stuck finding someone on short notice”. This was how I met Paige and Aaron, and I knew I had to give them a fantastic experience, after what they had just gone through! They had such a unique wedding planned, a Disney themed wedding in a bank that also happened to be on Thanksgiving!


This was not only a bank, but their head office! Let me tell you… SECURITY! Every room needed a key card to access, and the wedding planner was the only one able to hold the card! I had no idea a head office of a bank could host a wedding so beautifully though, there was nowhere for me to turn to for inspiration, pretending to run off with bags of money wasn’t an option haha! Click here to see the extent of the research I could do!

Lets talk Disney for a minute, there was so much thought put into how to incorporate it in a beautiful way! Paige’s wedding rings are from the Disney collection, her engagement ring is “Aurora” and her wedding band is “Snow White”. When I asked if she had any must have photos her biggest one was the glass slipper photo like Cinderella, with her converse shoe covered in the Disney Princesses! She also hired princesses to be at her wedding, they held themselves in an elegant matter and were soft spoken, truly embracing their inner princess for the role! While photographing the ladies getting ready, I was blown away by their voices, all the girls were singing to Disney songs and had incredible vocals!! One bridesmaid in particular sounded like an angel, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when she started singing!

Their dog was such a well behaved ring bearer, he even saved his pee until after the ceremony! I love when couples can make their pet a part of their wedding day, like the family member that they are! Paige and Aaron have a playful attitude, and big hearts, I am very fortunate to have had the honour of capturing their special day.


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