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How to plan your Mountain engagement

Banff Surprise Proposal

I do so much more than just document the moment that you pop the question! From giving you amazing location advice, helping you with the ruse to get them there, to showing up with a bottle of bubbly and their favourite chocolate!!



You're already nervous about making the proposal perfect, I know exactly how you're feeling!! If you think planning a photographer on top of that will be more stressful, THINK AGAIN!

I have photographed many proposals, I know exactly what advice to give you. Plus, I come with champagne and glasses to celebrate!

Your surprise proposal

Exactly the way you dream

Surprise Proposal

Starting from $550

You'll receive my help to ensure everything is exactly the way you dream, and I'll give you advice for the best locations! My start time is flexible, so that you're not stressed about explaining why you need to be at a specific location at an exact time. 

My packages start at one hour of coverage, but extra time can be added on. I am always game for hiking to get off the beaten trail! 

I CAN'T WAIT TO Capture you propose to the love of your life!


You can expect a response within 48 hours! 

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